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Courses and Books

Transformational Life Success Program with Dr. Gladney

Work 1-on-1 with Dr. Gladney in this life-changing program.  She has helped hundreds of people to transform their thinking, and actions, to live their best life. These exclusive spots are very limited. Dr. Gladney only works with individuals who are ready and willing to put in the work to transform their lives. If that is you and you are ready to go to your destiny, then click the sign up now, to change your life! 

GPS 30-Day Guide to Creating Success
in Mind, Body, and Spirit 

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Creating success in mind, body, and spirit! If you have been looking for life-changing strategies that put you in control of your destiny, this system is for you.   It will help you : ​ To emotionally and mentally bulletproof your life. Get unstuck and get going living an amazing life with meaning and purpose. Rebuild your self-image, take control of your self-esteem and get back your self-respect to turn procrastination and fear into action, courage, results …and an amazing life. Unleash a cash flow avalanche of money in your life …to be debt free, save for retirement… invest in the future… travel the world …or just do what you want, when you want and with whomever you want. ​System Overview Module 1: Inside Edge - How to Get that Mental Edge that Turns Lack into Abundance and Poverty into Prosperity. Module 2: Magnificently Me - Designing a Breathtaking Body That’s Spectacularly Healthy on the Inside and Awe-Inspiring on the Outside. Module 3: Relationship Renovation - How to Transform Any Relationship Worth Having into an Incredible Journey and Exciting Experience Module 4: Your Financial Success - Creating a Financial Fortress for You, Your Family and Your Future​ ​

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Power of Attraction - How to Magnetize your Soulmate into your life!

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This course is for the people who are frustrated and tired of the dating game and tired of attracting the same kind of man or woman into your life.  If you are wanting and desire to be in a loving relationship, this course is guaranteed to get you prepared for your soulmate.​ ​ In this online course you will learn: ​ How to heal from past relationship wounds and hurt How to discover who you are and what you really need A more in-depth look at the principles of the law of attraction and energy.  How to shift your focus and energy on what you want and need. How to accurately identify the man you want and need to draw him to you.  Understand the needs of a man/woman and learn how to communicate with each other. Specific insights and strategies from Dr. Gladney

Coach to Speak

The road to a professional speaker is a coaching program exclusively offered by 24 Carat Speakers, LLC. that was designed and developed by Dr. Gladney, the leading authority on High-Value Speakers. 

The speaker program includes the key elements to ensure that you become a successfully paid speaker charging fees of $5,000 and up. Many people have a dream to become a speaker or start speaking and don’t know how to grow their business to attain wealth in the industry. Having an expert coach will ensure your success. The 30-day program includes:  


  • Assessment of current speaking career/topics

  • Defining your target market

  • Crafting killer content

  • Are you a keynoter or a general session speaker?

  • Speaking vs. Training

  • How to create your unique brand in the world

  • How to create content and messages that sell

  • How to set and increase your speaking fee

  • Learning how the speaking industry works

  • Targeted Marketing strategy

  • Evaluation of your speaking skills

  • Creating High-Value speaking skills

  • Creating a high-value demo video

  • Creating products and selling from the stage!


                                           Click the button to see if you qualify for this unique program!


Coach to Write

The road to a professional speaker is a coaching program exclusively offered by 24 Carat Speakers, LLC. that was designed and developed by Dr. Gladney six-time author and best seller.  

The author program includes the key elements to ensure that your writing and publishing experience is successful.  Thousands of people write books each year that do not sell.  Having an expert coach will ensure your success. The 90-day program includes:  

  • How to write your manuscript in 90 days

  • The organizational structure of your manuscript

  • Review of your manuscript

  • Selecting a bestselling title

  • Template of winning book proposal

  • 8 hours of consultation

  • Marketing strategy

  • Major publisher vs. self-publishing

Best Seller
If You're In The Driver's Seat, Why Are You Lost? 

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From break-ups and family conflicts to career stalls and unexpected losses, life has a way of throwing bumps in the road that can leave you feeling stressed and confused, and, worse, lost. But these obstacles don’t have to throw you off course for long. If You're In the Driver’s Seat, Why Are You Lost?, Dr. Lawana Gladney gives you the tools to chart your direction, leading you to the life you’ve always wanted. Filled with real-life examples, practical steps, and effective solutions, this book is a roadmap that shows you how to create and achieve concrete goals, save money, improve relationships, build confidence, and become a happier, healthier person. Dr. Gladney serves as your personal coach, providing inspiration with ideas, easy strategies, and sound advice to help you cope with setbacks and navigate through both everyday and extraordinary challenges. If You’re in the Driver’s Seat, Why Are You Lost? will help you minimize stress and negativity and get to the happiness that lies ahead.

Power of Attraction, Getting the Man You Need, Not Want!


The life of a single woman consists of many emotional experiences that is like being on a roller coaster.  The ups and downs of the dating game, highs of meeting a potential partner, lows of break-ups, sudden stops and starts of calls and texts, the loops of betrayal, the speed of passions and excitement, and the brevity of some of the relationships.  If you are tired of these extreme changes, fed-up and frustrated with your current love life or the lack thereof, it is time for a change.  In Power of Attraction, Getting the Man You Want, Need, Dr. Gladney gives you the tools and information that you need to take control of your relationship destiny, leading you to the man that you need and needs you.  Filled with information, practical movements, effective solutions, and actual data from sixty men, this book shows you how to shift and change your perspectives and energy, understand who you are and want and need, and how to draw the right person to you.  You will understand the process of authentic dating and be on the road to a happier and more confident woman that knows how to attract the man you need.     

Psychology of Success

Audio Coaching

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